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5 Herbs that Can Help you Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard for those who smoke regularly. Most people who stop smoking have a hard time keeping it that way. If you are trying to stop smoking with things like Nicorette gum or nicotine patches, consider using herbs at the same time to ease the process. Many herbs come in different forms such as extracts, liquids, capsules, and dried bulk for making tea. When you buy herbs, follow the directions on the package on how to use them.
Lobelia is a strong herb which can relax the mind and body. Many people use this natural substance for smoking cessation. It is an old herb used for cleansing the lungs and curing symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough. Recent studies have found that Lobelia may produce similar effects to the human body as nicotine, yet unlike nicotine, Lobelia is non-addictive and helps eliminate the desire to smoke cigarettes. Lobelia is known to have the effect of making cigarettes taste very bad. Lobelia is also reputed to have the effect of making cigarettes taste very bad.
Mimosa Tea
An evergreen shrub found in Brazil and South Mexico. The root bark is used to prepare a brewed beverage which is beneficial to those trying to quit smoking. Those who quit smoking may feel anxiety and have headaches. A strong cup of Mimosa tea will boost the mood and relax the body. Mimosa tea is non-addictive and is sometimes used as an anti-depressant.
Valerian is a sedative that is used to help people who suffer from anxiety, stress, and trouble sleeping. Valerian is a good choice in smoking cessation for those who suffer from anxiety and insomnia.
Slippery Elm
For those who have digestive problems during smoking cessation, Slippery Elm may be the best choice. This herb is nutrient rich and east for the body to digest therefore providing digestive comfort. Slippery Elm works to draw out toxins and wastes in the entire body.

Peppermint helps ease feelings of nausea, tension, headaches, and anxiety. Peppermint tastes great and allows the muscles in the body to relax and stimulates the flow of digestive juices.