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The Danger’s of Cola

You’ve heard about how Cola can cause tooth decay and diabetes, however recent studies have discovered new risks related to drinking Cola. Adults and elders are more at risk to the negative effects of soft drink consumption than children. Osteoporosis is common in older adults; however drinking Cola can contribute to osteoporosis because of the phosphoric acid that makes it bubbly. The acid can actually eat away at your bones making them thin and porous.
Cola has also been found to affect muscles as well. According to a study, drinking large amounts of Cola a day can lower potassium levels in the blood. Lower potassium levels cause’s muscles to become weak and may cause muscle atrophy. The reason soft drinks lower potassium levels is unknown – however, they assume that too much caffeine and sugar in the kidneys causes them to filter out too much potassium.

Even though a soft drink on a hot day satisfies your taste buds, it’s doing more harm than good to your body in the long run. Next time you’re feeling thirsty, have water or lemonade.