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Highest Life Expectancy in Japan, But Other Countries Could Use Some Help

Shinto Pagoda with full blossom cherry trees at Miyajima, Japan.

Ever wonder which country has the highest life expectancy? Well now you don’t have to. Japan currently holds the title for longest average life expectancy. The small, but very densely populated country of Japan has an average life expectancy of 83 year, says a publication called, “Best, Worst Countries for Life Expectancy,” -WebMD. While the nation of Japan has a very positive life expectancy, many other countries could definitely use some improvement.
Although Japan is doing amazingly well for itself, there were 15 countries that had a life expectancy for babies born in 2007, to be below 50 years of age. Most of these countries were located in developing nations, and/or had very poor literacy rates. Afghanistan was one of the countries with the lowest life expectancy at only 42 years old. Additionally, Afghanistan has an average literacy rate of just 28.1% most of which is in the male population.
However, Sierra Leone had the lowest life expectancy at only 41 years of age. 41 is less than half of Japan’s life expectancy. Sierra Leone has an average literacy rate of only 35.1%. Much like Afghanistan, more men than women in Sierra Leone are educated, with the gap between the genders being very vast.
One could assume that the lack of gender equality in many of these countries could be the cause of poor life expectancies. However, wars and disease outbreaks are also contributing factors. Either way, the education of women is a vital part of a developing nation and should not be overlooked.
Many of these countries require aid from already developed nations in order to raise the quality of life for the citizens living there. A lot of us that live in beautiful and developed nations tend to take many aspects of our lives for granted. We have access to many benefits like great medical systems, great education, and even clean water. Sometimes it pays just to look around you and think about how fortunate you really are.