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How to Improve your Ocular Health

The visual system is one of the most complex and demanding systems of the body.  The muscles around eyes are the most used muscle groups in the body, and more than 25% of the nutrition in your body is absorbed through this system.
1. Take Multivitamins – The amount of vitamin C and other nutrients is higher in the eyes than anywhere else in the body. Proper nutrition is an extremely important in preventing and treating most common eye problems including cataracts and glaucoma.  Keep in mind that proper nutritional balance is important.  The body does not use each vitamin and mineral separately, but it allows specific vitamins and minerals to work together in order to nourish the body.
2. Hydrate your eyes – A saline solution can go a long way in keeping your eyes soothed and lubricated.  Other problems such as mild allergy problems can be relieved with over the counter anti-histamine eye drops.
3. Eat your Veggies! – Green vegetables such as spinach, collard, and kale can help to prevent degenerative eye problems such as macular degeneration.  When the macula doesn’t work, there is blurriness or darkness in the center of your vision.
4. Eat your Fruits! – Blueberries and apricots are especially good for ocular health because they help reduce eye fatigue and are full of beta-carotene and lycopene which encourage good eyesight.
5. Take a break – If you spend most of your time on a computer, take a break every 20 minutes.  Every 20 seconds look at least 20 feet away to refocus your eyes and give them a break.
6. Eat fish – Omega 3 fish oil is a key ingredient in having healthy eyes. Omega 3 is good for the heart, and as a general rule, heart-healthy diets are also good for the eyes. Make eating salmon and tuna a part of your weekly routine.