"great experience dealing with your company."

"So far I have had a great experience dealing with your company. Hope my doctor gets on the stick and gets you what you need. I don’t know about other people but trying to figure out our medicare system and drug plans keeps me confused all the time. You have made it easy even though there seems to be a lot of paper work. I shy away from companies that don’t ask for Rx’s, don’t have phone numbers or fax numbers and claim to have the lowest price. Nice dealing with good folks."

- David

"peace of mind with the safety guarantee"

"Thank you for providing me with peace of mind with the safety guarantee after I placed this order through the internet."

- Chris

"I never have had a problem with purchasing from you"

"Sounds like a good idea but I never have had a problem with purchasing from you. Still.....thanks for the peace of mind."

- John

"This is a good idea."

"I feel warm & fuzzy! Buying online can be risky...This is a good idea. Thanks!"

- Bob

"We certainly love your service."

"We here at our office will continue to send people to you as long as we are allowed. We find the prices that are charged to the senior citizens of the United States, that are placed on fixed incomes, to be almost criminal. Seniors are having a tough time deciding to eat, or take medications that keep them healthy. Thanks for sending information and keep sending it. We certainly appreciate the updates and we certainly love your service. Thank You."

- Karen

"I appreciate your professionalism."

"Dear folks,
Thank you for my recent shipment and setting up my account so efficiently. I appreciate your professionalism."

- Jill

"I am grateful that this is available for me."

"America has a health care crisis and prescription drug costs just add to the problem. Bankruptancies are up 24% in Michigan and most of them are people in their 50's that lost their job or health insurance.

My wife and I are in this category. If a person does not have prescription drug coverage and starts to have health problems then the cost is enormous, especially for mental health. Our insurance industry discriminates against the mental health field.

How is a married couple suppose to pay for medications if both Husband and Wife are each on 4-5 drugs at $75.00-$175.00 apiece?

I am grateful that this is available for me. I feel more in control instead of at the drug companies mercy."

- Thanks, Marty

"much this makes my ordering experience much better."

"This is my first purchase from PharmaPassport.com and I was very surprised to receive an e-mail from buysafe.com informing me you have provided a guarantee for my purchase at no cost. I’d like to say Thank You very much this makes my ordering experience much better."

- Monte S.

"Shows quality and class"

"Unexpected. Shows quality and class. Thanks!"

- Richard K.

"Thanks Much!"

"I really do appreciate the security you offer at no cost to me. Thanks Much!"

- Catherine G.

"- I enjoyed making my first purchase with PharmaPassport"

" I enjoyed making my first purchase with PharmaPassport and look forward to doing business with you in the future."

- Robert M.

"no other on line pharmacy does this!!"

"Thanks, no other on line pharmacy does this!!"

- Bob


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