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Buy Debrox Otic Drops

Are you Looking to Buy Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide) from Pharmapassport.

Formulation : Otic Solution
Dosage : 6.5%
Quantity : 15mL
Prescription Not Required
(All Prices in USD)


Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide) Details 

Debrox is an otic solution used for the removal of earwax build-up. It has the generic name carbamide peroxide and is classified as a cerumenolytic. It is safe to use for adults and children 12 years of age and up. Its active ingredient is carbamide peroxide (0.065 mg in 1 mL). Please note that some of its inactive ingredients may cause an allergic reaction. This otic solution has a powerful microfoam cleansing action. Once it is administered in the ear, oxygen will be released. This allows the solution to foam on contact, which softens and loosens the ear wax. Once the ear wax breaks up, it can naturally drain from the ear. It is available in Debrox Otic Drops 6.5% in a 15 mL bottle. A prescription is not required when purchasing this product.

What are the Uses of Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide)? 

This ear medication is used to safely and gently remove ear wax which can be done at home. Having too much earwax can cause ear discomfort, itching of the ear, and partial loss of hearing. Debrox may be used for indications or purposes not mentioned in this product description as long as a licensed medical professional recommends it. Using this medication for other conditions without the advice of a physician can lead to worsening conditions. Usually, this solution is used twice a day for up to four days. About 5 to 10 drops should be administered in the affected ear. Before administering this otic drop, always wash your hands. Do not allow the tip of the bottle’s dropper to touch your ear when applying the drops. You may hear a mild bubbling or crackling sound after. After four consecutive days of use, flush your ear using warm water and a soft bulb syringe.

Do Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide) have Side Effects? 

Similar to prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications also have some side effects. Although OTC drugs are generally safe for use, they may have unpleasant side effects that users must be informed about.

Among the common side effects of using Debrox Otic Drops include: 

    • Mild or temporary discomfort upon application. 
    • Mild itching inside the ear. 
    • A feeling of fullness in the ear. 
    • A temporary decrease in hearing after using the drops. 

These adverse effects must only be mild and temporary. If they exacerbate or carry on, you should consult your doctor again.

These ear drops also have severe side effects that must be reported to a healthcare professional immediately. These include worsening ear problems, severe dizziness, ear pain, and possible allergic reactions.

You may experience undesirable effects that were not mentioned above. You must take note of all the side effects you may experience while using this ear medication. 

Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide) Warnings 

If you previously had any allergic reaction to carbamide peroxide or any of the inactive ingredients (listed above) that this solution contains, you must never use this nonprescription medication. Severe allergic reactions can be life-threatening. Call for emergency medical attention right away once you experience trouble breathing, swelling of the entire face, severe dizziness, itching, and hives.

Using Debrox Otic Drops may be contraindicated for adults or children with a history of any ear problems, including perforation in the eardrum, ear infections, or recent ear surgery. You should also tell your physician or healthcare provider about the other prescription or OTC medications you are using because of probable drug interactions. It is best not to use other ear medications while using Debrox.

Currently, there are no adequate, well-controlled studies regarding the effects of this medication on pregnancy and lactation. It is best for women conceiving or breastfeeding to avoid using this medication unless the doctor strongly advises it.

Common Questions About Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide) 

How long do you leave Debrox in the ear? 

After applying this ear medication, you should remain to lie down for about 5 minutes to prevent the medication from draining out. You may also use cotton as a plug in the opening of the ears. You may massage the outside of the ear using a circular motion to aid the breakdown of the ear wax.

Can you use too much Debrox? 

You should not use more than 10 drops of this otic solution at a time. You should also not use it for longer than four days. Using this solution more often or longer than recommended could lead to an overdose.

Can Debrox damage your ear? 

Unlike other otic solutions, this product does not contain alcohol and is not likely to cause dryness in the ear canal. However, like any other drug, it has its side effects that are more likely to occur if you do not use this medication exactly as directed.

Can you buy Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide) online? 

Debrox Otic Drops are available in physical drugstores and in several online pharmacies. A prescription is not required when ordering this product online. However, you must read the entire medication guide prior to using this ear medication. Ordering pharmaceutical goods online has been very common because of its advantages. Online pharmacies provide a simple ordering process and efficient delivery. In addition, they also offer discreet services where consumers can order products and ask for medical advice without having to appear in person. PharmaPassport.com is a reputable online Canadian pharmacy that offers the best services. We always make sure to dispense authentic and quality medications. We also work hand-in-hand with licensed medical professionals to provide our consumers with a whole and systematic experience. You may order medications through our website or call us through our hotline.

What is the Price of Debrox Otic Drops (Carbamide Peroxide)? 

You may check the full information regarding the pricing of this medication from the details provided above. PharmaPassport.com provides the most competitive prices as we continuously compare our prices with that of other online pharmacies. You may avail of up to 70% discount by purchasing from our website. While we provide cheaper products, we guarantee that all medications we fill are authentic. Online pharmacies in Canada have significantly lower prices. Government price controls ensure that there are limits to the pricing of each medication to be sold online and in traditional pharmacies. For more information regarding product pricing, or medical advice on prescriptions, you may leave us an e-mail or give us a call. 


Additional information

Brand Name:

Debrox Otic Drops

Scientific Name:

Carbamide Peroxide

Other Names:

Debrox Earwax Removal Kit



Quantities Available:



Otic Solution

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