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Welcome to Pharmapassport – A Verified Online Canadian Pharmacy!

Our Canadian pharmacy service has come a long way

Since our Canadian pharmacy started its mail-order service, we sure have come a long way. For years, PharmaPassport has been providing safe and affordable prescription drugs to people. We offer the lowest prescription drug prices in the market while ensuring that our clients have an excellent, hassle-free experience.

Various studies found that because prescription drugs cost an arm and a leg, a lot of patients failed to take their necessary medication, did not fill their prescription, skipped doses, or did not take their medications regularly. Needless to say, the more drugs your doctor prescribes, the harder it is to afford. This should not be the case.

Our online pharmacy believes that everyone has the right to have access to affordable medications. We all deserve a better quality of life.

Our online Canadian pharmacy was able to reach out and help people improve their health. At present, we cater to various clients in the US as we outsource from different countries like Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey, India, and Mauritius.

PharmaPassport continues to live up to its mission.

Our mission is to provide basic healthcare at affordable prices through safe medications. Our team includes customer care representatives, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and medical office assistants. We deliver nothing less than the highest standards of care for our valued patients.

We ensure that the processing times for your order is kept to a minimum after reviewing your order with you over the phone. We make sure that all prescription medications are filled by professionally registered pharmacist. Our Customer Care Specialists focus on providing excellent care. We understand that patients not only require information, but also reassurance and support. Our customer service relies on providing unassuming, compassionate advice to ensure your experience is productive and enjoyable.

Our safety service guarantee is a vital part of our company culture. Every member of our trained and professional staff is committed to ensuring that your health is protected, and you have a trusted source for pure and safe medication.

Pharmapassport is certified by third party enterprises that are well respected for setting and maintaining high quality distance-based healthcare.


PharmaPassport is proud to be a CIPA approved online pharmacy.

If you are looking to buy your prescription drugs in Canada or globally, through a reputable international Canadian pharmacy, Pharmacy Passport provides you access to a trusted source of affordable and safe prescription drugs. PharmaPassport’s qualifications include:

  • Dispensing Through Licensed Pharmacies.
  • Requires a Prescription.
  • Company Address and Phone Number Provided on Website.
  • Promises Privacy of Your Personal/Medical Information.
  • Financial Information you send online Is Secure.
  • Requires Patient Agreement

Pharmapassport has earned the certification of being a TrustedSite. Being a TrustedSite means, our website is secured by McAfee Secure which actively monitors links, and phishing. TrustedSite has also verified that our website uses SSL to encrypt communications with industry-standard security protocols.


Carrying the Norton Shopping Guarantee seal means that Pharmapassport is certified to be reliable, stable and enabled to provide the Shopping Guaranteed Program on our website. While shopping on our website, you can feel confident that you are visiting one of the best merchants on the internet and that your purchase will be guaranteed. The NSG seal provides an additional peace of mind on every purchase I.e., when you buy from us (NSG merchant), you receive at no cost to you a 30-day shopping guarantee which includes a host of benefits.

  • Search for your medication as listed on your original prescription. Find the quantity prescribed and then you can submit your order through our site for processing.
  • You can search by Brand name, by alternative or generic names or you can search for over-the-counter products also.
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  • Our Customer Care Specialists are available to assist you every step of the way when ordering your prescriptions online! We love to hear from our customers so don’t hesitate to call us anytime!
  • You can call or order online anytime! If you select to order online you have the option to upload your prescription and any other documentation required for processing – this saves you time and money, it also ensures the accuracy of your order requirements.

We regret to inform you that Pharmapassport is currently experiencing disruptions in service due to a power outage. Currently, the call center, email and chat functions of our website may be unavailable. Our teams have been dispatched to tackle this issue head-on and service should hopefully resume momentarily.