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Our Company

Who We Are?

Here at PharmaPassport our main focus is basic healthcare and safe, affordable medications.
Our staff includes Canadian pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physicians, and medical office assistants. We deliver nothing less than the highest standards of care for our valued patients.

Licensed pharmacist employed by international pharmacy

We personally guarantee

  • Your order is processed as soon as possible and reviewed with you via the phone.
  • All prescription drugs are filled by a professionally registered pharmacist.

Our Customer Care Specialists focus on providing excellent care. We understand that patients not only require information, but also reassurance and support. Our customer service relies on providing unassuming, compassionate advice to ensure your experience is productive and enjoyable.
Our safety service guarantee is a vital part of our company culture. Every member of our trained and professional staff is committed to ensuring that your health is protected, and you have a trusted source for pure and safe medication.