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4 Hair Myths Exposed

Many women are willing to try anything in order to have healthy, beautiful hair. Some women believe that home remedies and shopping channel products can provide larger than life results. Let’s face it – we spend hours coiffing and poking at our hairstyles in order to look our best.  So when it comes to hair myths, we are willing to believe anything that will provide us with promising results.  Lets shed some light on the truths of common hair care myths. 1. Shaving or Cutting your hair makes it grow back thicker: I have a friend whose mother shaved her head when she was just a baby in hopes that she would develop thick, luscious locks. The truth is, shaving doesn’t affect the texture of the hair because it acts on the hair shaft, not the hair follicle where the hair develops.  My friend even claims she has very thin hair regardless of her mother’s good intentions. 2.  Baldness is passed on through the mother’s genes: Its been common knowledge that a mans baldness can be determined by looking at the mothers father, however there is a lot more to it than that.  Either parent can pass down the gene for baldness however the female X chromosome passed down by the mother is an important factor in determining whether or not baldness will occur.  Men and women can both inherit the gene for baldness, but men are more likely to have physical signs of the gene. Luckily, there are ways that men can slow down the rate of  hair loss. 3.  Your hair will be healthy and shiny if you brush it 100 times a day:  Some time ago someone believed that doing this will stimulate blood circulation in the hair follicles and improve hair quality.  The fact is that although hair is naturally strong, unnecessary brushing will cause excessive breakage and damage to the hair. 4. Prenatal vitamins help hair growth: Most women truly believe that these vitamins increase hair growth, however there is no evidence that proves prenatal vitamins assist in hair growth.  During pregnancy, however, hair does grow longer and thicker due to higher hormone levels.  Vitamins can help people who experience poor hair growth due to a vitamin deficiency, but in this case there is no difference between a regular multivitamin and prenatal vitamins.