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3 Ways To Boost Your Energy

1.Get A Good Night’s Sleep– This step is the first, most important, and often the most ignored step. I will admit to ignoring this step far too often, but it is extremely important for your body to get the necessary rest to perform daily functions properly. Try getting to bed at 10 o’clock or even before that if you can. Sleeping at 10pm to 7am is much more beneficial to your body than sleeping from 3am to 12pm(noon). The reason has to do with the hormones your body produces during specific times of the night. A good night’s sleep is the first step to gaining more energy.

2.Drink More Water and Less Coffee- This is again one of those rules that I have ignored for far too long. Coffee will tend to burn you out, but if you can cut back your coffee intake to maybe 1-2 cups a day and instead drink water more often then you will notice a significant increase in your energy.

3.Watch Your Diet- Many people, especially now with fast food chains, have forgotten to really look at what they’re eating. Try cutting back on sugars in your foods. Instead of sugary selections pick food that has protein in it. Insufficient protein is a very common reason for fatigue. Try taking some almonds to work instead of that chocolate bar, you’ll probably feel a lot better.