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Frequently Asked Questions – Prescription Drugs

Can the pharmacy mail prescription drugs to the United States?

Yes. Customs has the discretionary power to allow a 90-day supply with a 90-day refill.  There are no restrictions on the number of online prescription drugs you order. However, PharmaPassport can not ship outside the United States. [mailing details]

How much does it cost to have my prescription drugs mailed to me?

There is a $9.95 US shipping fee per patient. All prescriptions will be authorized for a 1 year period, if indicated by the physician and will be honoured from the date on the prescription form. All prescription drug prices include prescribing fee and pharmacy dispensing fee.

Why are your online prescription drug prices so low?

OTC and prescription drugs prices differ from country to country. For example, in Canada, the Canadian government limits how much pharmaceutical manufacturers can charge for brand name drugs when they are approved and caps subsequent price increases. Check Prescription Prices.

How much money will I save?

Most patients save 30-70% on their prescription drugs, which can be hundreds of dollars per visit.

Are the OTC and prescription drugs you sell the same as what I get from my local pharmacy?

If you are ordering Generic medications, they will look different. However, by law, they are required to be the bio-equivalent to the brand medications.

If I don't see my prescription drugs on your online price list, does that mean you don't carry them?

No.  The pharmacy carries a much broader selection of prescription drugs than those listed. If you don’t see the drug you are looking for please call our office +1-866-293-3904.

How long will it take for me to receive my prescriptions by mail?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of your prescription drugs after the order leaves the pharmacy.

Can I return my medications if I no longer need them?

Because we work in conjunction with licensed pharmacies to protect the safety of you and other parties involved, once a prescription and non-prescription products have been dispensed it cannot be returned for any reason. Under the pharmaceutical law prescription drugs are not returnable. All sales are final. So before ordering (completing your order) please consult with your physician regarding your medications.

Is PharmaPassport a pharmacy?

No.  PharmaPassport is a pharmacy intermediary.
Your prescription is filled at one of our associated CIPA-certified pharmacies by a professionally licensed and registered pharmacist where it is then mailed to your home.


What do you accept for payments?

PharmaPassport accepts personal cheques, E-checks, international money orders, and bank certified cheques.

Do you require a prescription?

Once you have placed your order either by phone, fax, or online, we require a copy of your original prescription. We can obtain your original prescription by either you mailing it to us at 110 – 7938 128th Street, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada V3W 4E8 or alternatively our staff can request your physician to fax a copy directly from their office to ours.

Do you dispense controlled substances?

No. We will not dispense any controlled substance for any reason.

Do you have any ordering requirements?

All orders for prescription drugs must be accompanied by an original, valid prescription issued by the patient’s primary consulting physician. If the patient is under 18 years of age, the order form must be co-signed by the patient’s legal guardian.

Do I have to order by credit card?

No. Although paying by credit card is the most convenient payment method, some patients do pay by money order. It should be noted that as a security measure, PharmaPassport does not keep your credit card information on file. This information is deleted from our system after every transaction.

Do you have international shipping outside the United States?

No, PharmaPassport does not ship medications outside the United States.

What if I have a problem with my medication.?

All health related issues should be addressed to our Pharmacy Helpline at 1-855-218-5085. Our team will get back to you promptly.

What if I have a concern about customer service or prices, etc.?

Our customer care specialists team works seven days a week and are here to help you. Please call them during our stated business hours.

Do you only sell Canadian drugs or do you sell from other countries as well?

In addition to dispensing from a Canadian dispensing pharmacy, we also dispense your medications from international fulfillment centres that are approved by the regulatory bodies from their respective countries. We affiliate with dispensaries in the following jurisdictions that ship product to our customers: Canada, Mauritius, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, United Kingdom, India and the United States.

About generic drugs

You don’t need to be reminded how expensive prescription drugs are. However, there is an alternative that can help you reduce your drug costs significantly-generic drugs. Generic drugs are safe, effective and save consumers an estimated $8 to $10 billion dollars a year at retail pharmacies!

What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs are the “bio-equivalent” of a brand-name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, quality, how it is taken, performance and intended use.
It is recommended to use one formulation of a brand or generic drug consistently to achieve the best results. This is particularly true for cardiovascular drugs, antimicrobials, proton-pump inhibitors, levothyroxine (ie. Synthroid), & antiepileptic drugs (ie. Topamax, Lamictal).

Are generic drugs as safe as brand-name drugs?

Absolutely. Both brand-name and generic drug facilities meet the same standards of good manufacturing practices. In fact, an estimated 50% of generic drug production actually comes from brand-name companies. These companies frequently make copies of their own or other brand- name prescription drugs, but sell them as generics.

Are generic drugs as effective as brand-name drugs?

Essentially, yes. 98% of people who take generic drugs experience positive results.

Why do generic drugs look different than their brand-name counterpart?

US trademark laws do not allow a generic drug to look exactly like the brand-name drug. However, while colors, flavors and other inactive ingredients may be different, the drug must duplicate the active ingredient.

Why are generic drugs less expensive?

New brand-name drugs are developed under a patent, giving the company the sole right to sell the drug during the patent period. During this time, a drug company charges more for a brand- name drug to recover the costs of developing the drug, which also includes research, marketing and promotion. When the patent expires, other manufacturers can begin to produce and sell generic versions of the brand-name drug.
Because these manufacturers don’t have the same research and development costs, they can afford to sell their product at substantial discounts. Also, with more products in the market, there is more competition, which keeps the prices down.

Is there a generic drug for all brand-name drugs?

No. Currently only half the drugs on the market are available in generic form. The other half are protected under patents, allowing only one company to produce them.

How can I get less expensive generic drugs?

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Ask for prescriptions for generic drugs whenever possible.

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