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Are you Looking to Buy Kenacomb Cream (Neomycin/Gramicidin/Nystatin/Triamcinolone) from Pharmapassport.

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Buy Neomycin/Gramicidin/Nystatin/Triamcinolone Neomycin/Gramicidin/Nystatin/Triamcinolone

Prescription Prescription Required
Formulation : Cream
Drug Name Dosage Quantity Price Buy Now
Neomycin/Gramicidin/Nystatin/Triamcinolone 1mg/2.5mg/250mcg/100,000IU 15g $28.79 Add To Cart
Neomycin/Gramicidin/Nystatin/Triamcinolone 1mg/2.5mg/250mcg/100,000IU 30g $42.62 Add To Cart
Neomycin/Gramicidin/Nystatin/Triamcinolone 1mg/2.5mg/250mcg/100,000IU 60g $70.80 Add To Cart
Dosage: 1mg/2.5mg/250mcg/100,000IU
Quantity: 15g
Price: $28.79
Dosage: 1mg/2.5mg/250mcg/100,000IU
Quantity: 30g
Price: $42.62
Dosage: 1mg/2.5mg/250mcg/100,000IU
Quantity: 60g
Price: $70.80


Generic Name: gramicidin, neomycin, nystatin, and triamcinolone acetonide 

Drug Class: corticosteroid

Kenacomb Cream Indications  

Kenacomb Cream is a topical prescription cream that relieves itching and inflammation due to certain skin conditions. This is prescribed to prevent infection or to manage infection. This prescription cream is for external use only.

Kenacomb Cream Dosage Forms  

This is available in Kenacomb Cream 15 g and 30 g tubes.

Kenacomb Cream Mechanism of Action  

This antibacterial medication is a combination of corticosteroids. It works mainly by targeting and weakening the cell membranes of sensitive fungus. This prevents fungal bacteria from spreading quickly.

How to Use Kenacomb Cream  

Before starting to use this cream, it is necessary to read the drug information or patient information leaflet, or medication guide given by a healthcare professional. You should not use this cream or any other medication unless you fully understand the uses and directions. For further medical advice, speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

Make sure to use this product exactly as prescribed by your physician. It should only be applied to the skin. This is usually prescribed two or three times daily. Avoid areas near the eyes, inside the nose, or mouth. Rub it gently and thoroughly on the affected areas and wash your hands after. Do not increase or decrease your Kenacomb Cream dosage; do not discontinue this medication abruptly.

Kenacomb Cream Side Effects  

Mild & Common Side Effects: 

-Temporary warmth upon application 

-Skin redness 

-Mild inflammation

Severe Side Effects: 

-Skin discoloration 

-Excessive hair growth 

-Skin blisters 

-Ringing in the ears 

-Balance problems 

-Changes in urine output 

-Vision problems  

Note that this is not a full/complete list of the side effects of Kenacomb Cream.  

In any case, if you have severe or persistent side effects, stop using your medication and contact your doctor or healthcare professional.

Warnings and Precautions when using Kenacomb Cream  

Do not use this prescription cream if you have a known allergy to gramicidin, neomycin, nystatin, triamcinolone acetonide, or any inactive ingredients the cream may contain. Always watch for signs of serious allergic reactions, including trouble breathing, swelling of the face and neck, swollen lymph nodes, hives/itchiness, skin rashes, and severe dizziness. If any of them occur, stop using this topical medication and seek emergency medical help immediately.

This medication may be contraindicated for people with a history of certain medical conditions, such as tuberculosis and viral skin infections, like shingles, cold sores, and chickenpox. Also, in order to avoid possible drug interactions, all prescription medications, nonprescription medications, supplements, and herbal products you’re taking should be discussed with your doctor.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid this oral drug as it can harm their unborn children. It is unknown if it can bring harm to unborn children. Ensure that you and your healthcare provider discuss all possible risks.

How much does Kenacomb Cream cost in Canada? 

Online discounts on this medication are available from PharmaPassport.com Check the top of this page to check your options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

What is Kenacomb Cream used for? 

Kenacomb Cream is a topical drug that is used to treat certain skin conditions. It is used to relieve the inflammation caused by skin conditions.

Is Kenacomb Cream a steroid? 

Yes, this cream is under the classification of corticosteroids. It works by relieving irritation and inflammation on the skin surface.

Can children use Kenacomb Cream? 

This prescription cream can be applied to children if recommended by the physician. Always apply it with caution.

How long can you use Kenacomb Cream? 

This will depend on the patient’s skin condition and how fast you respond to the medication. Do not use it longer than the doctor prescribes.

Where can I buy Kenacomb Cream? 

If you are buying drugs online, make sure to buy from legitimate sources. Through our Canadian International Pharmacy, you can purchase Kenacomb Creamat huge discounts.

Is Kenacomb Cream over the counter? 

This is a prescription drug. We require a prescription to fill this medication. 



Additional information

Brand Name:

Kenacomb Cream

Scientific Name:


Other Names:

Triacomb Topical Cream



Quantities Available:

15g, 30g, 60g



The contents on this page was provided by third parties to Pharmapassport.com. The information for Kenacomb Cream (Neomycin/Gramicidin/Nystatin/Triamcinolone) is not intended to substitute for qualified health care professional's advice. Please consult with your doctor if you have any questions or require medical advice.

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