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Are you Looking to Buy Visudyne (verteporfin) from Pharmapassport.


Generic Name: verteporfin 

Drug Class: macular degeneration agent

Visudyne Indications 

Visudyne is an intravenous prescription drug used to treat people with predominantly classic subfoveal choroidal neovascularization secondary to macular degeneration (age-related), presumed ocular histoplasmosis, and pathologic myopia. It is also given to prevent decreased vision and blindness.

Visudyne Dosage Forms 

This is available in Visudyne 15 mg/mL of verteporfin.

Visudyne Mechanism of Action  

This injection has the capability to produce oxygen free radicals in the presence of light that is responsible for damaging neovascular endothelium. This leads to temporary vessel occlusion. It damages only the cells that cause certain eye problems.

How to Use Visudyne 

Before using Visudyne, it is necessary to read the information leaflet or medication guide given by a healthcare professional. You must not use any medication unless you have understood its uses and directions.

This medication is administered by injection into the vein. It should only be given by a health care professional as directed by your physician. After receiving the injection, the physician will treat your affected eye using laser light for about 15 minutes. You must wear a wristband for 5 days after the drug has been administered to notify other medical professionals that you were given this drug. This is also to remind you to avoid direct sunlight and bright lights.

Visudyne Side Effects  

Mild & Common Side Effects: 

-Mild pain, swelling, or redness on the injection site 

-Temporary blurred vision 



Severe Side Effects: 


-Chest pain 


-Eye pain 

-Sudden changes in vision

Note that this is not a full/complete list of the side effects of Visudyne.

If you experience severe reactions, discontinue medication and report side effects to your doctor or health care professional.

Warnings and Precautions 

Do not use this prescription drug if you have a known allergy to verteporfin or any inactive ingredients the solution may contain. Always watch for signs of serious allergic reactions, including trouble breathing, swelling of the face and neck, severe dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, hives/itchiness, and skin rashes.

This medication may be contraindicated for people with a history of certain medical conditions like porphyria and liver disease. Also, due to drug interactions, you should discuss all the prescription and nonprescription medications, supplements, and herbal products you are currently taking.

This type of medication will make you more sensitive to the sun and to bright lights. For at least 5 days after receiving the injection, avoid sun exposure, high-powered indoor lighting, halogen lights, sunlamps, and tanning booths. When outdoors, wear sunglasses and protective clothing.

Pregnant moms should use this type of medication only if advised and only if necessary. For breastfeeding moms, this drug may pass into the breastmilk and cause undesirable effects on breastfed infants.

How much does Visudyne cost in Canada? 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is Visudyne used for? 

Visudyne (verteporfin) is being given together with laser light treatment to treat certain eye conditions. These include macular degeneration, pathologic myopia, and ocular histoplasmosis.

What is Visudyne drug class? 

This injection is classified as a macular degeneration agent. This prevents the growth of abnormal neovascularization or new blood vessels in the retina.

Is Visudyne safe? 

It has been proven that this medication is safe and effective. However, taking all the necessary precautions when receiving this type of treatment is important.

Is Visudyne a prescription? 

This is a prescription drug. You will be required to get a valid prescription before purchasing from any pharmacy. 

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IV Infusion

The contents on this page was provided by third parties to Pharmapassport.com. The information for Visudyne (verteporfin) is not intended to substitute for qualified health care professional's advice. Please consult with your doctor if you have any questions or require medical advice.

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