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Ways to Beat Depression

Summer is coming to an end and it’s the time to get out, enjoy the weather, forget your worries, and just be happy! Here are a few tips on how to beat your depression and fully enjoy the finish of the summer season.

  1. Depression is transientDepression does not last. Even in severe cases of depression it does go away. Even if it only leaves for a small amount of time each day (example- you can laugh when you watch a comedy show), you do get a relief from depression.
  2. Learn the value of human contact – Do not keep yourself to yourself. Get out of the house and out with your friends. Go do something active. Talk to people, hug people, spend time away from yourself. This is key in overcoming depression.
  3. Healthy eating habits – There are certain foods that can contribute to depression, which you should avoid. This includes coffee, meat, alcohol, and fast foods. If you really want to overcome depression, try to be a vegetarian for a while.
  4. Get some sun – The sun is extremely healthy for depression. Outside there is fresh air and you are not enclosed in some small little room. Just as little as 15 minutes a day can have a major impact on your emotions.
  5. Exercise – Exercise is healthy on all levels. You do not necessarily have to run. You can walk, jog, or play a sport. You can bring a pet or a friend with you or go alone. Local parks or forests are the best locations because of their calming serenity.
  6. Take a break – Go get a massage or invest in a rocking chair. Something calming and relaxing where all you have to do is sit, and enjoy yourself. Let yourself be pampered.