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Rethink Those Weird Health Tips

Have you ever come across a weird health tip, that you thought sounded ridiculous? Well, you may be surprised when some of those strange tips, could be quite beneficial for a healthier you.
Below are just a few of the many odd health tips you may have heard about, but these ones are worth a try.
• Ever heard that laughing helps you lose weight? Well, according to scientists laughing up to 10 to 15 minutes a day will help you burn off the amount of calories in one medium square of chocolate! So that means if you laugh up to 10- 15 minutes a day, in a year you could lose an estimated 4.4 pounds per year! Some people spend hours in the gym trying to shed calories, when simply laughing can do the same result for you. Why not enjoy yourself and lose the weight in the process. Try it out!
• Ever heard that eating more will help you weigh less? That might be confusing to you, especially if you find your eating too much and gaining weight. Eating small and healthy throughout the day, on top of regular balanced meals can keep your stomach full. It will also stop you from going to the nearest vending machine, to feed your hungry needs. Eating the nutritious and protein rich foods, can assist in bettering your metabolism, as well as persuade muscle building.
• Ever heard that eating outside will help you lose weight? Well those who eat while working will eat on average 250 calories more than those who eat outside. This occurs because when you are focusing more on your work, you are less focused on what you are putting in your body. This can keep you so distracted that you don’t realize you’re not hungry anymore, and still are eating.
• Ever heard that eating cinnamon can help burn fat? An individual can burn fat through consuming a least half a teaspoon daily of cinnamon. It helps boost metabolism.
• Ever heard that it is beneficial to eat red peppers? Eating spicy peppers can help you shed extra pounds as it contains capsaicin which helps boost metabolism.
• Ever heard that listening to music helps the brain’s fitness? According to a study by Nature Reviews Neuroscience, they found that musical training or any relations with music can improve the brains capability to handle communication. Thus making it easier for the brain to acclimatize and alter during physical or mental change. Listening to music can also provide a distraction from stress or worries, so you are completely focused on working out.