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Blood Type Diets

Something I read kind of got me a little bit intrigued. Blood type specific diets. I’m not sure if these work, but they sound very interesting. The basis is that depending on what your blood type is you should eat differently.

There is a book written outlining what type of foods to eat for each different blood type. For example one blood type is suggested to eat a strictly vegetarian only diet, while another blood type is asked to eat a lot of proteins. There is also information about what types of exercises are best for people with different blood.

Now, again I’m not positive if any of this works, but I have heard some good things coming from people that have tried the diets. However, there isn’t a lot of medical evidence that really backs any of these claims up. Either way, if you’re the adventurous type our are looking for something new this might be it.

Talk to your doctor first and make sure the diet you’re choosing is healthy. If you get the green light from the doctor and decide to try the diet let me know what the effects are. I’ve heard of many health benefits from those that do follow the diet. Some of these benefits include weight loss and better digestion.