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5 Weight-Loss tips

Lower Fat Intake
Diets that are high in fat will promote obesity. Try to consume under 25% of your calories from fat (non-saturated fat)
Watch that sweet tooth
Sugar = carbohydrates. Carbohydrates = fat. New studies have linked sugar to increased calorie consumption – we tend to eat more of what tastes good. Sugar also makes your body burn through chromium – and chromium is a mineral that helps you loose weight by making calorie burning tissues.
Drink Water
Drinking lots of water everyday will help your deliver vitamins and minerals to all parts of the body. Water also helps carry wastes out of the cells that that the body functions properly. Stay away from the flavored vitamin and mineral enhanced water and go with the old fashioned unflavored type.
Eat fibre
Fibre will give you a feeling of fullness so you will be full and eat less. Fibre can also lower cholesterol and fight against heart disease.

It is almost impossible to maintain a healthy beautiful body without exercise. Even a brisk 20 minute walk everyday will improve your health conditions and keep you in shape.