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Causes Of Morning Headaches

Headaches can strike anyone, at anytime! They can occur as just one symptoms of a medical condition, or they can occur on their own. One thing is for sure, headaches are painful, distracting, and unwanted!
For those who suffer from morning headaches, they may be a result of any of the following ailments.
1) Sinus Inflammation– Morning headaches are  likely caused by sinus inflammation. The pain is caused due to the inflammation of the sinus and normally worsens when you bend forward.  As you bend forward, there is an increase in pressure in the sinus cavity.
2) Drinking: After a night of drinking, you may wake up with a headache. Alcohol consumption causes to blood vessels to expand, which can cause a headache.
3) Irregular Sleeping Patterns: Persistent headaches that occur in the morning have been said to occur in people who have difficulty sleeping.
4) Overdose of Headache drugs: The frequent use of headache medication can also cause morning headaches.
5) Pregnancy: Women who are pregnant may notice they suffer from morning headaches. This symptom of pregnancy is caused by hormone changes in expectant mothers. These changes cause an increase of blood flow and lead to the morning headaches.