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Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

Hay Fever, or allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction caused by your immune system as a response to foreign material such as pollens and mold. Hay fever usually occurs in the spring or in the fall. Symptoms of hay fever include: fatigue, stuffy, itchy, red nose, mild sore throat, plugged ears, and itchy, puffy, and watery eyes. If you’re not into taking discount prescription drugs, here are a few things you can do to treat hay fever

  • Chamomile oil can help reduce symptoms of hay fever in a couple ways. Smearing chamomile oil onto a towel or tissue and inhaling or boiling chamomile and inhaling the steam will benefit anyone who is suffering from hay fever.
  • Take peelings from grapefruit and lemon and bring to a simmer. Add honey to sweeten, then digest to ease symptoms of hay fever.
  • Having locally produced honey can decrease sensitivity to pollens. Since honey is produced from bees pollen, being exposed to these pollens will reduce your symptoms of hay fever.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables can also do the trick! Berries are the best at treating hay fever.
  • Drinking a hot 18oz cup of coffee is surprisingly helpful. The heat of the coffee can open up your airways to help you breath much better.
  • Having ginger can strengthen your immune system and thus reduce symptoms of hay fever. Although digesting garlic cloves will put an unpleasant taste in your mouth, it can be helpful in relieving hay fever.
  • Tea bags that are prepared and cooled and placed on eyes will help alleviate inflammation and soreness of eyes.
  • Herbs can always work magic when it comes to illness. Whether you use capsules or prepare them, they work! Herbs such as lavender can be prepared in a warm bath to reduce symptoms of hay fever.

Whatever your preference, there are many ways to help relieve hay fever. If natural ways are not showing you results, medications such as Claritin, Medrol, and Periactin can definitely help relieve symptoms of hay fever.