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Are Depression and Heart Disease Linked?

Depression and heart disease are closely related. Depression can lead to heart disease, and heart disease can lead to depression. It has been determined that those suffering from depression are at an increased risk of developing heart disease. As well, people who currently have heart disease or have gone through a heart problem have a greater chance of becoming depressed.
Heart disease, although not always the case, is noticed relatively quick. Depression on the other hand is difficult to detect in some people. It may not be a severe form of depression, but if present, it will definitely have an effect on your body.
How Do I Know If I am Suffering From Depression?

  • You no longer have interest in the things that you used to be interested in.
  • You are always tired and do not feel like doing anything.
  • You are having difficulty making everyday decisions
  • You feeling bad about yourself and the things you do.
  • Your appetite has changed.

After having had a heart problem it is easy for people who have never been influenced by depression to become depressed. There is no definite reason as to why this happens. Many different factors contribute to the development of depression. In this case it is probably the increased feeling of weakness and vulnerability that arises from having an impactful event such as a heart attack.