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How To Prevent West Nile Virus

West Nile virus is a virus that is transmitted to humans mainly through the bite of a mosquito. Yep, those little annoying mosquito’s that make your body itch and itch can actually give you something a lot worse.

Although most people that are infected with West Nile virus experience only flu like symptoms, West Nile virus can become serious causing hospitalization and sometimes even death. However, there are ways to help prevent West Nile Virus.
Because the most people become infected with West Nile virus due to mosquito’s who feed off of birds with the disease, prevention strategies focus on avoiding mosquito bites.
  • Use insect repellent to keep mosquitos and not to mention other insects at bay.
  • Remember that clothing can help protect against mosquito bites. Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to protect yourself from bites. However, some clothing is too thin to properly prevent mosquito bites, so spraying some insect repellent on your clothes may be a helpful idea.
  • From dusk to dawn are the times when mosquitoes are most active. During this time try to take extra care, or try not to even go outside during this time.
  • Remember to drain any standing water. Why? Mosquito’s lay their eggs in standing water, so unless you like being really, really itchy drain the water.
  • Install or keep screens in good condition. Having proper, well-fit screens are a great way to stop mosquitoes from coming inside and biting you. This is especially helpful when the nights are hot you have to keep the window open.
  • Report any dead birds to authorities. A dead bird could possibly mean the spread of West Nile virus to mosquitos. By letting authorities know, they can find out where West Nile is and can aid in the prevention of infections to the public.
  • Clean up. Cleaning up around the neighbourhood can help prevent the amount of breeding sites that mosquito’s will have access to. Plus, picking up things like bottles and pop cans is good for the environment and makes the community look good.