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Ways To Prevent Or Slow Down Hair Loss

If you live in North America then you’ll be sad to hear that there is more baldness happening amongst the population than in Europe. Why? Well it’s no coincidence. Actually the main reason is the different diets. American diets in particular are much worse for the body than the average European diet. This probably has something to do with the fact that American diets consist of a lot of fatty foods and animal proteins, while many fruits and vegetable tend to mysteriously disappear from many menus.
The good news is there are ways to prevent or at least slow down hair loss. Yes, that’s right there are treatments for when you start to lose your hair. Now this is that point when you ask,”But John aren’t you going to tell us how we can avoid the loss of our precious hair?” Well I’m glad you asked, and yes, I am going to tell you some methods that may help prevent or slow down the process of losing your hair. I am however, going to warn you. It might be hard at times, you might have to eat gasp dare I say it, healthy food, you might not like it, you might not want to eat it… but then again you could very well like it who knows.
First of all, let me start with what is probably the second most difficult thing to overcome when trying to keep you hair. I’ll tell you the first thing later. Okay, obviously as many of you have probably guessed already the first thing I will touch on is diet. If you don’t want to end up looking like a bowling ball then you are going to have to change some of the things you’re putting in your body. The typical American diet focuses on a high fat, high-salt diet. Now having fast food every once in a while is acceptable, but having it once a week is not. Why not trying to go home and cook and healthy meal that has appropriate portions of a variety of foods. Yes, I will say you should have some sort of vegetables and fruits on there. Really they do taste good. This is the first step to saving your hair.
However, if your diet is healthy then you may be chemically damaging your hair. Ever heard of those things called dyes? Yeah, well if you use them then they might be contributing to your hair loss. Regular supply of chemicals to your hair to change the color isn’t the greatest thing to ensure longevity. Sure it’ll look good for a bit (unless you dye it some weird neon green) but once it starts to fall out I’m sure you might regret your decision a bit.

However, if you are doing neither of these things then you may have a more difficult obstacle to overcome. Genetics. Your genes are the most difficult thing to overcome. You can’t change your genes…yet. However, you can do some things to slow the speed of hair loss. Vitamin E, golden maidenhair, red sage extracts, and formulas that contain a mix of turmeric with horsetail or oat straw have been proven to slow the speed at which you hair is lost. Also a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in starch may be beneficial.
For women there are three things that may also cause you to start balding. Any hormone change can definitely cause hair loss even if it’s temporary. This mainly occurs during/after pregnancy, during menopause, and occasionally when you take birth control.
Hopefully you’ve found something in this article that actually helps you with your hair problems. You may have found a hair loss treatment that works for you. Maybe you just wanted to stop hair thinning. Either way best of luck.