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5 Foods that Stop Acne

Its true – you are what you eat. If you eat salty, greasy foods, your skin will be greasy and oily. If you eat grains and vegetables, your skin will be smooth and healthy. Here is a list of foods that you can eat to improve your skin and prevent acne.
Whole Grains
Foods with whole grains are great for keeping your skin healthy – they carry tons of antioxidants. Be careful and make sure you read the nutrition facts before purchasing a seemingly healthy choice. For the best whole grain experience, try true whole grains like Millet or Quinoa.
Green Tea
You’ve probably heard of using this tea for another remedy – but green tea is basically good for any ailment. Green tea contains antioxidants that prevent inflammation and stop your breakouts from appearing.
Omega 3 fatty acids contain an anti-inflammatory that is great for keeping your skin smooth and free breakouts. If you want blemish free skin eat salmon, anchovies, tuna and sardines, or take an Omega 3 supplement.

Fruits and Vegetables
“Eat your vegetables!” You’ve probably heard this before. Fruits and vegetables are of huge importance to your health; however they are also very good at keeping your skin free of acne and breakouts. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will reduce the amount of oil your skin produces, therefore preventing acne. The best vegetables for your skin are cabbage, parsley, tomato, and cucumber.

Proper skin hydration is crucial for healthy skin free of toxins and oils. Continuously drink water throughout the day every day, and you will notice improvement in your complexion.