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Why Do We Dream?

No one is sure about why we dream. Many have brought theories as to why we dream, many of them believing that they were right and no one else, but the fact of the matter is that no one can say for sure. Although there have been some very interesting theories.

Some theories support the idea that dreaming allows us to “work” our brains in a way. The main idea is that dreaming begins when the awake part of us shuts off. Evidence that supports this is the fact that the during the first two years of our life (where a lot of learning is able to occur in a very small span of time) we experience the most rapid eye movement (REM) phases. Additionally, when we enter REM sleep our brain activity is extremely active, much like when we are awake.

However, some people refuse to believe that dreaming is just a form of “brain exercise” and prefer to go with Sigmund Freud ‘s theory. One of the critical points of this theory is that Freud believed that dreaming was also a form of defense for the body. It is believed that when going through too much tension or pressure, such as denial, regression, or repression a dream will occur. This prevents us from building up intolerable states of psychological tension in our conscious, “awake life.”

Regardless of which theory you may believe in, dreams are still a fascinating part of life. The fact that dreams still remain so mysterious is amazing to me. We’ve been able to cure disease, kill thousands of people with a nuclear bomb, enslave a people, fight for human rights, show anger, happiness, sadness, but we cannot figure out for sure why we dream. It really is amazing to see what the human race can and cannot (at least not yet) do. Maybe one day…