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Natural Acne Treatments

For those of us who are weary of man-made medications, natural treatments often seem like an excellent alternative to the regular prescription acne medications, they’re inexpensive, have few side effects and are easy to store and use – but do they really work? Many natural methods of acne treatment have not been studied as well as the typical acne treatments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t work. For thousands of years, different cultures have used an array of natural methods to treat many different conditions, and acne is not an exception.
There are several different factors that contribute to acne. Most commonly, acne is the end result of bacterial, inflammatory and hormonal disturbances at the level of the oil pores. There are several natural treatment methods that address different factors which contribute to acne. A change in diet, for example, will affect the hormonal factors that contribute to acne, by supplementing any mineral deficiencies causing any hormonal imbalances. Different topical herbal preparations, with main herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil, basil tea and sandalwood, will address any inflammatory disturbances that have caused acne. Bacterial factors that contribute to acne may also be taken care of by a daily facial cleanse to remove all traces of dirt and bacteria.
Because there are different factors that can contribute to the cause of acne, not every treatment will work for every person. Talk to your dermatologist or doctor about an acne treatment that is likely to work for you, based on the type of acne you have and its severity. If natural products or methods aren’t working as an effective treatment for your acne, you may wish to talk to your dermatologist or doctor about taking an acne medication; either in addition to your natural treatment method or as a single treatment method.