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9 Ways To Reduce Snoring

If you’ve got a father like mine then when you were growing up you could probably hear him snoring throughout the house. This snoring was pretty intense, not just minor sound that can only be heard if you were in the same room with him, but a ridiculous noise you could hear in every room of the house. It sounded like a combination of jet engines (engines because only one would not begin to describe this noise), and the noise your house would make if it was torn from the ground by a tornado. Yes, it was that bad. So eventually my mother was basically through with having to listen to that and forced my father to at least try something to help the snoring. Fortunately, there were many different options my father could try to prevent him from snoring. What works for my father might not work for you so I have compiled a list of different approaches one can try.

1.Elevate your head as much as possible by either sleeping on more than one pillow or else by sleeping on a thicker pillow.

2.Avoid dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese or ice cream before bed because these foods can cause the build-up of mucus in the throat.

3.Try sleeping on your side instead of your back. This allows the air to travel smoother and the muscles in your throat to stay a bit tighter and decrease the likelihood of snoring.

4.Avoid a big meal before you go to bed because when your stomach is full of food this puts pressure on the diaphragm and thereby limits breathing passages (this is especially the case if you have eaten fatty, fried or starchy food).

5.Before going to bed inhale steam or sleep in a room where a humidifier is turned on. This will help keep your throat well lubricated.

6.Try using nasal strips. Nasal strips help to open up airways and will make sure that plenty of air can be brought into the lungs.

7.Resist the urge to drink alcohol before going to bed.

8.If you are overweight make an effort to lose some weight. Even losing a few pounds say 10 or so, can make a difference when it comes to snoring.

9.Eat a spoonful of liquid honey before retiring for the night. (I’ve never actually tried this one, but some people on the internet have said that this is a good way to reduce snoring).