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5 Best Acne Medications

Acne is a common problem today, not only amongst adolescents but also with adults. There are various solutions for acne. Some are prescription drugs, some are over the counter drugs, and some are natural solutions.
Prescription drugs
1. Accutane – It is best to use Accutane for only extreme cases of acne problems. Accutane does have various side effects including birth defects, dry and cracked lips, and liver dysfunction. Accutane comes in two types of pills: 10 mg and 40 mg. Accutane is a strong version of vitamin A. It reduces the oils released by your oil glands, thus clearing your acne.
2. Tretinoin -Tretinoin is used to unclog your pores. Unfortunately the older versions of tretinoin were too strong for patient’s skin. The newer made edition of tretinoin is safer and less irritation. The various side effects are redness, dryness, itching and burning. If any symptoms occur a simple change to the strength or type of tretinoin may help.
Over-the-counter drugs
1. Benzoyl Peroxide – Most benzoyl peroxide medications are available as over-the-counter medications. It dries and peels the skin, reducing oils and preventing further outbreaks of acne. Examples of over-the-counter creams or other types of medications using benzoyl are Neutrogena On-the-Spot, Clearasil, Persa-Gel, Clear by Design, and Fostex. These can be found at most supermarkets.
2. Proactiv – Everyone has heard of Proactiv. It’s been on infomercials, news stories, magazine articles, and newspaper articles. Prescription grade benzoyl peroxide is the secret ingredient in ProActiv. Proactiv is a 3 step system, including a renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner, and repairing lotion.
Natural Medications
1. Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil has countless uses. One of these uses is to dry out your skin and solve acne. There are creative ways to apply the tea tree oil. For example you can make an acne mask by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to neroli, rosemary or thyme oil, mixed with a small amount of clay. Tea tree oil may not work as well as Benzoyl peroxide, but it does have fewer side effects. It is best to dilute the tea tree oil with a little bit of water before applying it directly to your face.
Acne will bother you, whether it’s a pimple or a severe case. However there are solutions to both severities of acne.