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Buy Epiduo Forte Gel

Are you Looking to Buy Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide) from Pharmapassport.

Formulation : Gel
Dosage : 0.3/2.5%
Quantity : 45g
Prescription Required
(All Prices in USD)


Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide) Details 

Epiduo Forte is a topical prescription gel that is prescribed for the treatment of certain skin conditions. Its generic name is Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide, and it is classified as a retinoid and an antibiotic. Benzoyl peroxide is also an acne-peeling agent. This prescription product is only for topical use on the face and trunk. This prescription drug is a combination of two active ingredients. Thus, it has two different actions. Adapalene acts as a modulator for the skin’s inflammatory process, cell differentiation, and keratinization. It is known to bind to certain retinoic acid nuclear receptors. Benzoyl peroxide, the other active ingredient, is an oxidizing agent that reduces the number of bacteria that causes acne while causing the skin to dry and peel off. This is available in Epiduo Forte 0.3/2.5% gel in a 30-gram bottle. A prescription is required each time you purchase this product.

What are the Uses of Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide)? 

This topical gel is being prescribed for the treatment of acne vulgaris. Acne vulgaris is a known skin condition that occurs mostly among teenagers but may persist until adulthood. It happens when the hair follicles are blocked with bacteria, sebum, and skin cells. This is characterized by the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads or blemishes with nodules and cysts.

You may use this prescription medication for other skin conditions for as long as it is advised by a medical doctor. Do not use this topical product for other purposes without any medical advice, as doing so can worsen your condition.

This gel is usually applied once a day. Always wash your hands and cleanse the affected area before application. Using your fingertips, administer it using a small amount (pea-size) of medication to the affected areas. Do not apply it on the lips, the nose, or other mucous membranes. Additionally, do not apply this gel more frequently or in larger doses.

Does Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide) Have Side Effects? 

Similar to other prescription drugs, Epiduo Forte may cause undesirable effects. It is important to become familiar with all side effects before using any medication. This will help you know how to handle them.

The common side effects caused by this gel are, for the most part, mild and will only last for a short time. These usual adverse effects include mild burning sensation, dryness, peeling, temporary redness of the area, and worsening of acne during the first four weeks of treatment. If any of these persist or become worse, you should consult your doctor again.

Using this prescription gel also has serious side effects, such as skin blisters, thinning of the skin, appearance of stretch marks, severe swelling, severe dizziness, headache, and difficulty breathing. These side effects are the most serious and should be reported immediately.

You may experience other adverse reactions aside from those listed above.

Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide) Warnings 

You should not administer this product if you have a known hypersensitivity to adapalene, benzoyl peroxide, other retinoids, Vitamin A-related drugs, or any of the ingredients this gel may contain. Signs of hypersensitivity are itching that may spread all over the body, hives, severe dizziness, swelling, and trouble breathing. Please note that allergic reactions must be given emergency attention as they can be serious.

Before using this prescription drug for the first time, talk to your doctor about your medical history. Applying this topical gel may be contraindicated for people with other skin conditions, like eczema. You should also discuss all the drugs you are taking, including all ointments, creams, or gels you are using, because of the possibility of drug interactions.

This anti-acne medication should be avoided while a woman is conceiving. Adapalene content may be harmful to fetuses. This drug may or may not pass into breast milk for nursing mothers. Caution is advised when using this drug while breastfeeding.

Common Questions About Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide) 

How long does Epiduo Forte take to work? 

Like any other anti-acne topical drug, this treatment will not have visible results right away. It could take 12 weeks for this medication to clear out acne. Note that in the first four weeks, you may experience “purging” or worsening of acne.

Does Epiduo Forte help with acne scars? 

If this medication is applied to acne lesions early, it can help prevent the formation of atrophic acne scars. However, if moderate to severe acne is left untreated, acne lesions may lead to permanent scarring.

Can I use moisturizer over Epiduo Forte Gel? 

Yes, you may apply a gentle moisturizer while using this topical gel. Also, because this gel has a retinoid, it is necessary to apply sunblock cream. Always allow Epiduo Forte to be absorbed completely for a few minutes before applying any products to the area.

Can You Buy Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide) Online? 

Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl / Peroxide) is available in drugstores and online pharmacies. This medication can be ordered online, provided that you can present a prescription from the doctor or any licensed medical professional.

Purchasing prescription and nonprescription drugs has been very common recently. Most of the pharmaceutical goods that can be found in traditional drugstores can already be bought online. More and more people are using the services of online pharmacies because of a long list of advantages.

When ordering medications over the internet, choosing legitimate and reputable online pharmacies is important. PharmaPassport.com is a Canadian online pharmacy certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. We only dispense supplements, over-the-counter medications, and prescription drugs that are quality and authentic. We offer efficient services with the help of our medical professionals.

What is The Price of Epiduo Forte Gel (Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide)? 

You may check the full details regarding the price of Epiduo Forte Gel from the information above. In general, the prices of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are significantly lower in Canada than in other countries, like the US. This is why many patients in the United States order their medications from Canadian online pharmacies. For instance, PharmaPassport.com is an online pharmacy that offers up to 70% discount. Consumers are sure to get big savings, and they can be certain that they will receive authentic drugs which will be delivered to the comfort of their homes. For any more concerns or questions about your prescription, you may contact us through our website or by phone. It takes 24 hours for requests to be processed or resolved. 




Additional information

Brand Name:

Epiduo Forte Gel

Scientific Name:

Adapalene Benzoyl Peroxide

Other Names:

Epiduo Gel



Quantities Available:




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