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Easivent (Chamber) Details 

Easivent is a piece of medical equipment used in the delivery of medication among patients with asthma. This is a type of spacer that allows the user to have ample time to take a slow, deep breath when inhaling a certain medication. This product can be used by adults and children.

A chamber is an empty tube that is usually made of plastic. It is connected to the inhaler’s mouthpiece and assists in delivering the medication from the inhaler to the small airways in the lungs. It increases the effectiveness of the medication as it allows most of the medication to be inhaled compared to if the medication is administered directly through the mouthpiece. Most holding chambers are made of an exhalation valve, a mouthpiece, a transparent chamber, and a metered-dose inhaler (MDI) adapter. This is available in Easivent (Chamber), with no variants. A prescription is required when purchasing this medical equipment.

What are the Uses of Easivent (Chamber)? 

A holding chamber is used when administering inhalation medications among patients with lung conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It helps adults and children coordinate breathing and deliver the medication where needed. It allows most of the particles to be absorbed in the airways instead of deposited in the mouth or throat.

Before you use Easivent, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to follow the directions to administer the dose correctly. Check the equipment for any dirt or small particles, especially in the chamber. Then, prepare the oral inhalation as directed. Hold the mouthpiece between your teeth, or if using a mask, place it tightly onto the face. Administer the medication, then hold your breath. Clean the chamber after use.

This holding chamber can be used for other purposes only if directed by a medical physician.

Does Easivent (Chamber) have Side Effects? 

Generally, using Easivent or any spacer is advantageous for people with lung conditions. It helps greatly in administering the medication, and it prevents the active ingredients from going to waste. Nonetheless, similar to other medical equipment, this tool also has disadvantages.

Using a holding chamber can be time-consuming as you must prepare this tool and clean it right after use. Failing to clean the equipment properly can lead to contamination and infections. Particles of the medication and some moisture can remain in the device if it is not thoroughly cleaned. This could lead to airway infection or worsening of any lung condition.

Another downside is the possible errors in assembly. If the chamber is not constructed properly or if it is not connected securely to the mouthpiece of the inhaler, it could lead to loss of medication particles. This would defeat the purpose of utilizing a holding chamber.

Easivent (Chamber) Warnings 

Keep your Easivent chamber clean at all times to avoid contamination and infections. You may use warm water and a liquid dishwashing agent when washing it. Instead of drying it with a paper towel, let it air dry. If there are disposable parts, replace them as directed to prevent bacterial growth.

Pediatric patients must always be assisted when using this device. It should be assembled by an adult or with the supervision of an adult. Help the child understand how to inhale the medication and how long he/she should hold his/her breath. This medical tool can make administration easier, but it is important to use it properly.

It is necessary to remember that this device could only improve how the medication is administered. It does not change how the medication works or where it is indicated. Using this tool would not convert maintenance inhalers into rescue inhalers.

Common Questions About Easivent (Chamber) 

What is the difference between an Easivent chamber and a spacer? 

Generally, a spacer is a type of device that provides “space” between the mouth and the inhalation medication being administered. This space allows the medicine to break into small droplets. A holding chamber is a kind of spacer that traps and holds the medicine in the equipment, allowing enough time to inhale the medication slowly and deeply.

Does Easivent expire? 

Yes, this medical tool can only be used for a certain period of time. Most chambers and spacers can only be used for up to 12 months. Using it for a longer time can affect the performance of the equipment, especially if it is not proper care is not applied.

Do adults need to use Easivent? 

This medical equipment can help patients inhale the medication more efficiently. This is not only designed for children but also for adults and the elderly.

Can you buy Easivent (Chamber) online? 

This holding chamber can be purchased in traditional drugstores and in online or mail-order pharmacies. Your medical device orders will be processed accordingly as long as you have a prescription from a medical doctor. 

Online pharmacies or “internet pharmacies” dispense prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. They also sell medical supplies. Most drugstores online are very easy to use and would offer various services. However, it is important to look for a legitimate online pharmacy. Legitimate mail-order pharmacies would require a prescription if necessary and should have an actual office address and contact details.

PharmaPassport.com is a one-stop shop for your medical needs. We fulfill prescriptions and offer medical devices that are of the best quality. We are also certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA is an association of licensed pharmacies that offer online services to Canadian and international customers. 

What is The Price of Easivent (Chamber)? 

For more details about the pricing of this medical tool, you may check the information above. Bear in mind that the prices of the drugs reflected here may change without foregoing notice.

For the most part, the prices of medication and medical devices sold in Canada are much lower than in other countries. This is because Health Canada regulates the cost of medical services and supplies in the country. Also, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) controls the prices of medications sold in the country, both in traditional and online pharmacies. They ensure that the prices of medical supplies are not excessive so that consumers can comply with their medication needs.

If you have concerns about how to use this product, you may contact our mail-order pharmacy.  

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