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Cold-FX is a scientifically formulated product that naturally strengthens your immune system, so cold and flu viruses don’t take hold. Each capsule contains a highly purified extract derived from North American ginseng used to strengthen our immune system. It has demonstrated efficacy and safety in the prevention and relief of cold and flu infections and it’s safe and well-tolerated for prolonged use.
Cold-FX is most effective if taken at the first onset of symptoms, although it may also be used if taken at a later stage of infection.
Recommended for immediate relief
Day 1 – 3 Capsules 3 Times Daily = 9 Capsules Total
Day 2 – 2 Capsules 3 Times Daily = 6 Capsules Total
Day 3 – 1 Capsule 3 Times Daily = 3 Capsules Total
After Day 3 -Continued use is recommended at 1-2 capsules per day until feeling better.
Recommended for daily prevention
Every Day – 1 Capsule 2 Times Daily = 2 Capsules Total