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5 Foods to Cut From Your Diet


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Obesity is a major problem in North America and worldwide. One-third of American adults are obese. There are diet pills and tons of books written on weight loss and solutions. Fortunately small changes like omitting a few foods from your diet can have an immense effect.
1. Avoid white bread
Although something like a sandwich is considerably healthy, it is best if you do not use white bread. White bread has no nutritional value. White bread is equivalent to table sugar. It has high glucose levels and lacks any other important nutrients. A simple whole wheat bread offers much better nutritional value and is a good alternative.
2. Ice cream
Ice cream is tremendously calorie dense. It is full of sugar; one cup of vanilla ice cream has over 360 calories. A solution to this is to buy yogurt, and freeze it. Make sure you mix it before freezing it if it isn’t the premixed kind. It tastes just as good as ice cream, but has less calories and is a better, healthier snack.
3. No Pop!
The average pop can has 10 packets of sugar, which add up to 150 empty calories. Pop has been pegged guilty of association with childhood and adult obesity. A better option to a can of pop are fruit spritzers, or vanilla extract which you can add to plain seltzer water or tonic water.
4. Full fat cheeses
Full fat cheeses can have up to 10 grams of fat per ounce with a lot of saturated fat included. For example, lasagna is filled with cheese and saturated fat, which makes it a bad choice for dieters. A better alternative to full fat cheeses are low fat ricotta cheese. For other dairy products the healthier options include skim milk, plain yogurt (add your own fruit), and cottage cheese.
5. Regular bacon
Although bacon is extremely tempting and delicious, it is fried fat and salt. 2 slices of regular bacon contain 120 calories and 10 grams of fat. Cured meats, including bacon, have been linked to dangerous stomach and colon cancers. A better option would be vegetarian sausage. 2 links of this only have 80 calories and 3 grams of fat. Turkey bacon is another healthy choice, saving you 40 calories, and 7g fat.
Although it seems hard and almost impossible at times to lose weight, certain changes to your diet and lifestyle can greatly contribute to weight loss.