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Toxic Chemicals In Back-To-School Products

The Summer has gone by so fast most of us can’t believe it’s almost time to start shopping for school supplies. However, this year, maybe you should pay closer attention to the products you’re buying and what they are made of.
Recently, two environmental groups warned parents and students that hey shouldn’t buy products made with polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), can be found in an incredible amount of school products such as, lunchboxes, binder, backpacks, clothes, and art supplies.The Environmental Defense and U.S- based Center for Health, Environment, and Justice released a guide Tuesday that showed safer alternatives.
PVC is much too dangerous to have in so many products that many kids use every day of the school year. PVC can evaporate or leech out in many products, which contributes to developmental disorders and damage of the liver, central nervous, respiratory, and reproductive system.
Some ways you can help protect your children is to buy products with no harmful chemicals in them. Instead of a plastic ruler, buy a wooden one. Put down the bleached paper, and notebooks and go for paper and notebooks made from hemp. Even a post-consumer recycled corrugated cardboard binders would work with some acid and chlorine-free paper.