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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Multivitamins

Close up of two yellow, clear soft gel pills. They are actually vitamins of essential fatty acids and vitamin e. Shallow depth of field with focus on front end.

The food quality on the market today is not like it used to be and the human body needs a specific amount of vitamins to function  properly. Since we get most of our vitamins from the food we eat, sometimes a multivitamin is needed to compensate for the vitamin deficiency’s in our diets. If you aren’t convinced that multivitamins are a necessity, here are some other reasons why you should take them.
1. Our bodies need to use more nutrients than normal to detoxify and eliminate substances from environmental pollution in the air, water, and food. The antioxidants including vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are likely to decrease at a more rapid rate due to this pollution.
2. The busy schedules of our lives are contributing to our lack of vitamins.  Our wavering eating habits, lazy chewing, eating on the run, and stress are causing poor digestion. This makes it hard for our bodies to take in all of the nutrients from our food.
3. Certain health conditions can increase your need for vitamins.   During pregnancy, a woman’s body requires more folic acid and during menopause, they are more susceptible to calcium deficiencies. In addition, the use of pharmaceutical drugs can increase the body’s vulnerability to vitamin deficiencies since most medications reduce essential nutrients in the body.
4. The food industry isn’t helping our vitamin deficiencies.  Modern agricultural techniques are leaving the soil deficient of minerals causing the food grown there to share the same deficiencies. After the foods have been harvested, they are often stored for long periods of time and transported great distances.  This depletes the food of important vitamins.  The processing, preserving, and cooking involved with our food doesn’t help either.  This also contributes to nutrient depletion and makes it difficult for us to be nutritiously satisfied from foods alone.
5. Vitamins and minerals will improve your overall health.  Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Beta Carotene, and Vitamin B6 have all been proven to help in the treatment of high cholesterol, arthritis, birth defects, and even cancer