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5 Ways to Reduce Acne

There are lots of us who suffer from moderate to severe breakouts on a daily basis. If you are reluctant to try expensive skin products like Proactive, or Phisoderm and Biore aren’t working for you, try these 5 easy steps to clearer skin.
1. Wash – You must wash your face twice a day EVERY day no matter what. Use a mild soap and warm water to free your skin of oils and dirt. An acne soap product that I personally recommend is Face Doctor soap. I kid you not – it works wonders on moderate breakouts if used twice a day.
2. Don’t touch – Try to avoid touching your face. There’s a lot of oil on your fingers and touching you face can transfer these oils to your skin and clog your pores.
3. Stop Popping! – Despite what you think, popping pimples does not make them better. In fact, it will cause them to become enflamed, larger, and could possibly scar. The bacteria and oils on your hand will disturb the breakout.
4. Drink water – If you try cutting out all beverages except water for an entire week, you will notice a difference in the appearance of your skin. It’s a classic remedy.
5. Eat Healthy – The healthier you are, the healthier your skin will be. Eat foods high in fibre such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Try to stay away from junk food and caffeine. Daily exercise will also keep you feeling healthy.