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6 Tips for Migraine Relief and Prevention

Migraines affect the lives of over 28 million Americans.  The world health organization estimates that there are 303 million people worldwide who suffer from migraine headaches. These headaches are intense and can even disrupt peoples lifestyles.  They seem to be caused by changes in the level of the hormone serotonin which shrinks the blood vessels. When serotonin levels are low, the blood vessels swell.  The swelling can cause pain and migraine headaches. Here are some tips on how to prevent and relieve migraines.
1. Omega 3 –The tissue surrounding the brain becomes inflamed when you have a migraine and omega 3 lessens the cells reaction to inflammation. Take omega 3 everyday to help lessen migraine pain.

2.  Calcium– Calcium deficiencies can increase migraine symptoms.  That’s why women are more susceptible to having migraines.  Most women have low calcium levels during ovulation.  The hormones that regulate calcium react with the high hormone levels causing low calcium levels and triggered migraines.
3.  Preventative measures – There are several preventative prescription medications that are used to treat migraines.  Topamax, for example, is a medication that prevents migraines from starting. Topamax cannot, however, treat a migraine that has already begun. There are other pain medications available for a migraine that has already started. Despite what you believe, over-the-counter medicines like Motrin and Excedrin are both great at reducing the pain of a migraine.
4. Ice Packs – Freezable neck pillows are perfect for wrapping around your neck where your migraine hurts.  Ice packs work too. Migraines are different than regular headaches.  In a normal headache, your blood vessels get smaller and tighter.  With migraines, they expand and become more open.  Putting ice on a migraine constricts the blood vessels helping the pain, but if you put ice on a regular headache you might find that it becomes worse.
5.  Sleep – Sleeping your migraine off is the easiest way to get away from the pain.  Sleep is often the best remedy for any minor illness.
6. Exercise – Exercise will improve your overall health – and the length and severity of your migraines.  Many people who suffer from chronic migraines find that exercise makes their headaches more manageable and less painful.