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Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is known as being one of the worlds more effective natural substances that are used to treat memory loss and memory problems, however there are also a number of other health benefits of Ginkgo that are not as commonly recognized.

Improves blood circulation – Ginkgo helps to enhance the blood circulation in the body and carry nutrients and oxygen to various organs, especially to the brain. Bad cholesterol can turn into plaque and collect in the arteries. This challenges blood circulation and can eventually lead to stroke; one of the main causes of memory loss.

Improves the Memory – The substances in ginkgo help the blood vessels relax and expand which keeps the arteries healthy and enhances the circulation of blood which will allow more oxygen and nutrients to be sent to the brain. This will help the brain to function at it best. Ginkgo helps to enhance memory, improve mental alertness, and reduce mental fatigue.

Controls allergies and asthma – Ginkgo have two components – flavonoids and terpene lactones (ginkgolides). The ginkgolides help control allergic inflammation in the body. In addition the also reduce and control asthma symptoms.

Anti-aging – Take Ginkgo biloba for healthy skin. It helps rid your body of free radicals which can damage your organs and your appearance. It also blocks the platelet activating factor which causes skin disorders such as psoriasis.

Other Benefits

  • Increases metabolism efficiency
  • Improved short and long term memory
  • Increased reaction time
  • Helps treatment of eye and ear disorders
  • Helps treat infertility in males