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Canadian Kitty Saved After Being Shot by Crossbow

Somebody is getting a lump of coal in their stocking this Christmas, and possibly a nice orange jumpsuit and a new room that is cold, gray, and has metal bars. In Toronto, Canada, someone found a cat with an arrow through its torso. Police determined the cat was shot by someone wielding a crossbow. The good news is that, although the cat had life threatening injuries, the arrow was taken out and the cat is now doing well.

This kind of cruel act makes you really wonder what goes through people’s heads sometimes. To have no compassion for a living creature. Whoever did this deserves to go straight to jail and get a psychological evaluation because killing or hurting small animals is one sign of a serial killer. If the cat has an owner then I hope it is returned soon, unless the owner was the one that shot the cat. Either way the guilty person should come forth because what they did is just sick and disgusting.

No creature should ever have to be subjected to that kind of treatment. All I have to say is watch out for Karma. It will come back and bite you. That is no way a threat, more like a warning because something bad will happen. The world tends to work in funny ways sometimes. Funny doesn’t always mean happy or painless.