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Get Tested Is the Message for This Year’s World AIDS Day

Today, December 1, is Worlds AIDS Day. Extensive research has granted us with treatments for the disease, but there is still no cure.
The spread of the AIDS virus has grown to the monster it is today. In 1990, roughly 8 million people were living with AIDS, but today nearly 33 million have contracted the disease. The majority of those living with the disease come from sub-Saharan Africa. The disease is not only affecting adults, millions of children are suffering from AIDS as well. Often times, these children were born with the disease. They had no chance of avoiding this disease, but are now burdened with it.
Therefore, all health officials in North America ask is to get tested. There are a significant number of people, thousands in the US alone, that are living with AIDS, but are unaware. Get tested regularly even if you don’t think you have the disease. The saying, “better safe than sorry” definitely applies here. Getting tested and using protection regardless of your sexual preference can help prevent transmission of the disease.
AIDS is not something to be taken likely. Always know that there are consequences for your actions. Hopefully we can develop a cure that can be made available to everyone, and hopefully it can be made soon. Too many have already died, and many more will continue to suffer until we can find that cure.