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Top Health Threats For Women

There’s a whole world of possibilities out there. You can pretty much do anything you really set your mind to. Yes, the world is just waiting for you to experience it. However, with endless possibilities there are also endless setbacks.

Many women have experienced struggle with just about everything. Gaining the right to vote, equal status to men. Even today many women are having problems moving up the corporate ladders and running big businesses (although women are now also conquering workplace struggles).

For women there are many different threats to their health. I’m not saying that men don’t have health threats, but today it’s all about the women’s health threats. Some of these threats are hereditary, but others are completely avoidable.

12 Health Risks For Women

1.Heart Disease 2.Cancer 3.Stroke 4.Lung Disease 5.Alzheimer’s Disease 6.Injuries 7.Type 2 Diabetes 8.Flu 9.Kidney Disease 10.Blood Poisoning 11.Hypertension 12.Perinatal Conditions